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When you place or answer a call via Skype for Business phone service to/from a traditional telephone number, the call is routed to the public telephone network via the KU data network or the Internet.If your phone number is incorrect in Skype for Business, first check to see if it is correct in KU's Global Address list by looking for yourself in the address book in Outlook.If it is incorrect there, you can correct it yourself in HR/Pay by doing the following: You will receive notification via email in advance of your unit’s transition to Skype for Business phone service.

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After you are enabled for Skype for Business phone service, you will receive a welcome email from Microsoft Outlook with a temporary PIN for your voice mail.

Skype-to-Skype communication is a term we use to denote a direct connection between two Skype for Business clients for the purposes of voice, video, chat and/or desktop sharing.

Skype-to-Skype communication does not use the campus or public telephone network, so calls can only be made to other Skype for Business users at this time.

Please see the Recommended Skype for Business Devices page for information on purchasing Skype for Business compatible devices.

Skype for Business is not designed to be used with shared accounts for the purpose of instant messaging and presence.


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