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Sources close to the production told Daily they believe the poor numbers reflect a fallout from Harvey's black audience after he met with Trump in January.Now Harvey is turning on the president in a desperate bid to save his show, recently proclaiming on his radio show: 'Meeting with Donald Trump was the worst mistake of my life.' Steve Harvey is turning on President Trump as a result of his dismal ratings for his new TV show, Daily has exclusively learned.This is the time for a sober intervention and serious straight talk.Steve, if you are willing to humble yourself, admit your faults, and get with the times, you might be able to salvage what’s left of your career.But unlike his Miss Universe snafu, the comedian says he has nothing to apologize for this time. On Wednesday, Harvey was discussing the Cleveland Cavaliers' loss to the Golden State Warriors in the NBA finals on when he took a call from a listener in Flint, Michigan. During the conversation, Harvey used the city's unfortunate water situation as fodder for sports trash talk.

The retooled show premiered on September 5 after a few months of preparation, and both ratings and reviews for the program have been less than stellar. " The answer was scored correct, as a match for "GUN / OCCUPANT." But even those aren't the dumbest answers. Steve Harvey is getting heat for making jokes about the Flint water crisis on his morning radio talk show.I also pressed then candidate, Hilary Clinton, to offer solutions to what I called one of the great catastrophes of modern times.The and the caller laughed as my joke was taken in the context it was offered. We have to have you.” And when it comes to reinforcing rape culture, Steve once told a female caller during a “Good Morning America” segment who asked how to politely turn down a man, that “you cannot stop a guy. We don’t care what you do.” But there are also remarkable things that Steve Harvey has done and continues to do for the community.


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