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Lima Memorial Hospital, named in honor of World War I veterans, opened on Memorial Day, 1933.The Lima area was not safe from the increased crime rate of the 1930s.Benjamin Faurot's Opera House opened in 1882, a nationally renowned structure so impressive that New Yorkers used it as a model for their own theaters. During World War I, Gramm created the "Liberty truck", which was welcomed upon its arrival in Washington, D. Thousands were sent to Europe to help the Allied war effort.

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Stimulated by the economic boom in nearby Findlay, in 1885 Lima businessman Benjamin C. Economic development brought money for arts and entertainment. Gramm and his close friend Max Bernstein formed the Gramm-Bernstein Company, which became a pioneer in the motor truck industry.

Voters now elected five commissioners, with the commission chair serving as mayor.

The charter sought to establish professional management, requiring the commissioners to hire a city manager, who reported to the mayor.

The murder and jailbreak put Dillinger at the top of the FBI's ten most wanted list.

His was not the only crime outfit to plague Lima during the decade.


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