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The estimated number of children under 18 living below the federally defined poverty line, expressed as a percentage of all children under 18 and reported by various racial and ethnic groups.

Poverty thresholds vary by family composition and year.

The survey provides data on characteristics of the population that used to be collected only during the decennial census.

Data for this indicator are expected to be released in the fourth quarter.

Provide enough information so that the voluntarily and emphatically childless are not tempted by your siren song. Post at least one less attractive photo of yourself. It's not merely a question of honestly portraying yourself, it's about weeding out the love-hungry that are interested in your physical appearance.5. Ok Cupid asks you to list the six things you could never do without.

Whether you're a single mother or a single father, and your goal is to find everlasting love, a date, someone new to meet, or even a wonderful network of other dating single parents, this site is for you!

The bureau combined five years of responses to the survey to provide estimates for smaller geographic areas and increase the precision of its estimates.

However, because the information came from a survey, the samples responding to the survey were not always large enough to produce reliable results, especially in small geographic areas.

None of my friends cherish those awkward moments when first getting to know someone, finding a polite, but firm way to say, "sorry, not interested," or recovering from the misunderstood good-night face lean in which one participant attempted a kiss that landed somewhere awkward and unintended. Focus your attention on drawing in only the best matches. The fact that you are a parent isn't just about you, it's about your potential date as well. But among many, there should be a photo of you looking less than cover-shoot ready.

Ah, if only dating could be reduced to such an efficient process! But there are definitely ways to write a better online dating profile.1. It's tempting to try to catch the eye of many potential matches so that you have more options, but this ultimately just wastes your time. Be up front, and tactful, about your parenting status.


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