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The world just needs to see it in order to understand it and take action.

I’m guessin’ the haters gonna hate, but I love the photos!

The photographs will be shown next summer in an art show and in a table book.

This is the project we are creating to get the world to see how much more there is beneath the choppy surface of the seas, and how much more there is to work with.

Our passion for the water, the ocean, and the beauty of this different ecosystem, got us together to get more people to see the astonishing beauty that is slowly dying because of our indifference.“I’m super thankful to have this opportunity to make my dream come true since I was a little girl, which was being a mermaid!!!I love free diving, scuba diving, and this just topped it all.” Here’s the clip: This is an organization that helps to clean up all the trash on our beaches!Flippy, the artificial intelligence-driven robot that can 'cook the perfect burger every time,' now works at a Cali Burger in Pasedena.Flippy uses its arm (pictured) to flip burgers and place them on buns and could spell the beginning of the end for fast food chefs Flippy is an artificial intelligence-driven robot that can flip burgers on a grill and then place them on a bung once they are done cooking.Alongside the announcement yesterday at Tech Crunch's Disrupt conference in San Francisco, the robot was shown in its final form by designer Miso Robotics.


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