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In reality, Facebook recently cancelled an AI experiment when two robots began communicating with one other in a language only they could understand.

An updated version of the Sci-Fi warrior creator from Azalea's Dolls.

Several said the noises came in minute-long bursts.

One diplomat described being jolted awake in a Havana hotel room by a grinding, blaring cacophony.

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The trouble for the Americans is that — like a plot from a sci-fi film when an alien weapon completely outfoxes humanity — scientists, doctors and intelligence experts remain utterly baffled. ‘It’s just mystery after mystery after mystery.’ U. officials say the episodes were first reported last November, while the latest incident emerged as recently as late last month.

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The government — which many believe genuinely wants to improve relations with America — says it launched an ‘exhaustive, high-priority, urgent investigation’ . The alternative is that it’s the Russians, who still hold great sway over Cuba, its long-time Cold War ally. At the height of the Cold War, beams of microwaves were aimed at the U. embassy in Moscow, and America has never revealed what the effects were on its staff.Months later, some of the victims are still struggling to concentrate or even recall common words — evidence of long-term mental damage that has hardened the U. The scandal threatens to derail the historic resumption — after a 50-year hiatus — of relations between the two old foes when their respective embassies reopened in 2015. The controversy certainly helped sour President Trump’s speech to the UN General Assembly, in which he accused Cuba of delivering only ‘anguish and failure’ to its people.How long before he’s ranting about ‘totally destroying’ Cuba as he did about North Korea this week? State Department and even the Canadian Mounties have found nothing.‘None of this has a reasonable explanation,’ says Fulton Armstrong, an ex-CIA official who served in Havana before it reopened its embassy there.Cuba’s secret service, the Intelligence Directorate, has close ties with the FSB, Russia’s successor to the KGB. Vince Houghton, an intelligence expert, says of the injuries sustained this year that the Cubans or even the Russians could have been carrying out an intelligence operation that went wrong.It’s possible Russia carried out the sonic attacks to ruin relations between the U. Alternatively, he says, it could be part of a campaign of intimidation.‘It could be new technology that has had a side-effect that no one expected,’ he says.‘On the other hand, it could have been designed to harass and make people feel uncomfortable.’Sceptics cling to ‘simpler’ explanations, such as lead and mercury poisoning, or a mass outbreak of measles — all of which can damage hearing.Watch Schoolgirl double penetrated by zombies, Hot Blonde fucked in the forest by hairy monsters, Frankenstein fucks French maid... eyes ;) Hentai movies with sexy girls have sex with monsters, masturbating and fucking in public.


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