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Also see: memorial page, Mobile Police Department Museum.Summerdale Police Department History Provides a very brief history and a list of all past town marshals and Police Chiefs 1928-present day.Arkansas State Police History Includes a brief history of the Arkansas State Police force along with historic photos and a memorial photo gallery.Jacksonville Police Department History Nicely done history with old photos of the first police car, first city jail, and staff members.They also have an extensive archives of historical photos.Maryville Police Department History This brief history features information about the beginnings of the Maryville Police Department which was established in 1851. Milpitas Police Department History Features some brief history with great photos and lists past chiefs of police in the Milpitas Police Department.

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Yuma Police Department History Features a brief history of the Chandler, AZ Police Department from 1914 to present day and includes some names of Chiefs of Police, Captains and other officials.Was one of your ancestors a police officer or in law enforcement? If you know of other past police officer lists online, or you have one to donate, please let us know.Huntsville Police Department History Includes historic events in Huntsville, past Chiefs of Police, historic places, and some old photos.Anchorage Police Department History Includes a well-done history along with biographies of past Chiefs of Police, fallen officers, and some historical highlights of Anchorage, AK.Bethel Police Department History Contains a brief history of the Bethel Police Department.They also offer interesting facts related to California disasters and history which involved the police department.


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