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When you first sign up, most dating services will go through the basics of scam avoidance: Don't share personal information such as your address or date of birth, be vigilant about users who ask you to leave the site and use personal email addresses, and never send money — especially overseas.

University of Leicester psychologist Monica Whitty emphasizes a more fundamental rule: "If they're not prepared to meet in person within one month, walk away." While FTC fraud expert Steven Baker acknowledges the dating industry's fraud control efforts, "we'd like them to do more," he says.

US black communities have stayed relatively stable in numbers and location.

And yet, in the last two decades the likelihood of black people being in interracial marriages in the US has tripled, says Ortega.

Dating industry consultant Mark Brooks, founder of Online Personals Watch, estimates that only perhaps 1 percent of members on well-established paid online dating sites are scammers.

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Michael Rosenfeld at Stanford University in California says research has shown that same-race couples were just as likely to meet online as interracial couples.

Before you jump into the online-dating scene, make sure you …

Take the time to understand the online dating service's terms of service.

But the rise of dating sites like and apps like Tinder has made online dating the norm for many.

It is the second most common way for heterosexual partners to meet and the most common for homosexual partners.


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    US black communities have stayed relatively stable in numbers and location.

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