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If you're put off by e Harmony's conservative take on sexual diversity, is a great choice.

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"[Growing up] our grandmothers would cut thick slabs of the chilled fruit and rub the rind on our backs and legs, as a soothing cure-all for heat rash and irritated skin - a well-known tradition in Korea."Here, the K-beauty duo break down why watermelon and other natural fruits are skincare's next big trend, and how they're incorporating it into their own line. Sarah Lee: "Watermelon as 92% water content and is rich in vitamins A, B6 and C, amino acids and lycopene.

Position: Linebacker Age: 28Relationship status: Single What makes him so sexy: Rihanna pointed out this hottie when she made him her #MCM on Instagram in 2014. Position: Quarterback Age: 33Relationship status: Married What makes him so sexy: He's a super proud father of three. His family—made up of wife, Elizabeth, two sons, and one daughter—had the perfect group Position: Tight End Age: 30Relationship status: Married What makes him so sexy: He's been playing like a comeback kid; after years of hip injuries, Pitta came back in 2016 and led all NFL tight ends in receptions.

Now Position: Defensive end​Age: 28Relationship status: In a relationship​What makes him so sexy: Watt is a beast by all counts, and he can top it off with his sweet smile while he makes you protein pancakes for breakfast.

It's also incredibly antioxidant-rich and is a great hydrating and soothing ingredient for skin year-round.

The lab we worked with in Korea sources only locally grown watermelon in order to obtain the freshest, most vibrant fruit for the formula.


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