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Of course there was the occasional hot girl that would need help, but as I learned, when a person is having their worst day ever, the last thing on their mind is, ‘Hey, who’s the cute guy that pulled me of the fire?’ It took several years of being a fireman before the dream began to fade.To me, it was the ultimate real life “superhero” job.I wanted to be the one to receive the call for help and rush in to save the damsel in distress, caught in her worst nightmare.After several weeks of checking messages, making contacts and being disappointed, I started to check less and less frequently.But then one day, I had a note from someone I had not seen before.Not knowing where to start, I decided to check out an online dating site.I couldn’t believe I was resorting to a personals site, but at least this way I didn’t have to get dressed and spend (waste? The site was offering a ‘free trial’, but you still needed a credit card to prove you were of legal age.

Some of it will be good; some won’t be worth a shit.Besides, I could never find what I was looking for at the club—they were full of gaggles of married women having a ‘girl’s night out’ or single mom’s looking for a father for their kid and an income.And that was something else that hadn’t worked out as planned—my bank account balance didn’t exactly have a lot of digits in front of the decimal point! I had gone to the gym as per usual and put in a quick 2 hour work out before going back to my small apartment.And since I’d spend so much time at the firehouse and eating there, I’d save my paychecks and I’d be rich in a matter of a few years! Not long after I finished school, I was hired as a full time fireman.The fire chief pulled me aside on my very first day on the job to give me a piece of advice.I still loved my work, but I slowly realized that it wasn’t going to find me love.


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    Once money has been sent to the criminals, they will delete the fake profiles and cease all form of communication.

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