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Customize the layout on a computer by registering or changing layout patterns, adjusting title display, and configuring other settings as needed. Saved layouts can be applied directly from the front panel control.In addition to computer-based layout management, you can also stream video from the viewer over Ethernet.

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User have possibility to shrink DT window for hinted decoding, small DT window eliminating large number of the false decodes.There are choke baluns with high losses installed at feed points of the verticals.By default this antenna is set in direction to Japan, planning later to finish switching of the antenna pattern by relay to opposite direction: South America.Single-pass decoding software like JT65-HF or WSJT-X v1.6 will often fail to decode any one signal from the several stations calling you or someone else on the same or nearby located frequency.Intensive work is going with JTDX version 17.8 where main focus is on the new JT10 mode.Two more decoding passes implemented using frequency mask from the first decoding pass.


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