Dating while getting divorced minnesota

A single person cannot have more than ,000 of countable resources.

This includes cash, bank accounts, stocks, land, life insurance, personal property and vehicles (if you have more than one).

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To get the specialized care she needs, Glass is on Medicare and Medicaid.What they don’t have is the ability to get married — not if Glass wants to survive.Glass, 35, was born with osteogenesis imperfecta, or as it’s commonly known, brittle bone disease, a rare genetic condition affecting less than 50,000 Americans.Together you and your partner would have to earn less than what you were making individually to still receive benefits.“If you have high medical needs there are many plans that couldn’t cover that,” Lisa Smith Siegel a disability lawyer in Georgia, told The Mighty.“It’s almost impossible for people to self-finance the services and supports they need, unless they are extremely wealthy,” said Lisa D.


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