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In fact, Aries happiest weekends are spent throwing the ball for Rover.What is your pet thinking - ask a pet psychic Taurus loves petting that furry ball of love, unless pussy bites or has a cat wobbly, of course. Pets calm down that mindless chit chat, as they gaze on those loving furry faces and cuddle up close. They love their dogs to bark and their cats to mew, it means they are into "talkies" and pet communication is a must have for Geminis.However, if your cutie pie pet is not well, if you are worried about their impending operation or sudden bad behaviour call our super astrologers and they will do you a pet astro chart and tell you why pussy cat peed on the sofa and doggy tore your bedroom apart.In the meantime, how about discovering sun sign attitudes to Man's Best Friends?Saggy will train doggie clever tricks, cuddle pussy cat so close the little creature will utter a "Dont suffocate me with love please! Saggy is convinced life could never boring with those four leggeds around to cheer one up. Ask a pet psychic Cappy might act reserved when everyone is going ballistic over an adorable puppy or kitten. Dogs will lick cancerous lumps on human bodies to help them go away.

You call your BFF with great enthusiasm about the new guy you just met.

Blac Chyna -- unlike you know who -- doesn't have a fake ass relationship because she's a real ass bitch ...

so real, in fact, she's telling the truth about the paparazzi to our faces!

When it comes to the rest of men, their objections are a little more vague.

Teens are, funnily enough, against the idea of turtlenecks.


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