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On Monday night, it was these fans who had packed into a sold-out concert at the Manchester Arena, the first date of Grande’s UK tour, when what police are treating as a terror attack, left Britain reeling just two weeks away from a general election.It was these people who suffered from what were described as shrapnel injuries, when they should have been been celebrating a performance by the young American star, making their way home laughing and smiling, buoyed by her music, and the thrill of seeing her perform live.Manchester, and Mancunians, responded remarkably in the aftermath of what happened outside, or in the foyer, of the concert hall.Taxis drivers gave free rides home, hotels opened up their rooms in hospitality. But it would be an extraordinary person who was not simply stunned, but utterly staggered and terrified, by what transpired in Manchester.We try to tell ourselves to be happy despite the inevitable heartaches, revise our expectations and embrace change as life happens but it’s never as easy...

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One of the hardest things you have to do in life is learn to let go and accept change. But the goal is still the same: First Met is about finding happiness through...“This is clearly a very concerning time for everyone.We are doing all that we can.” Hopkins can be forgiven if “very concerning” was an understatement of no small degree.Prime Minister Theresa May is to confer with Britain’s top security committee - a so-called Cobra meeting - on Tuesday morning.Her hope, and all of those who meet with her in the shadows of Whitehall, will be that this was a one-off incident, not the start of something even more horrible.Rather, it is a merely an assessment of the options that are available to us, the ordinary people, those without superhuman powers.


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