Dating a webley mk iv

All ammunition sales must adhere to applicable Federal, State and Local laws.

] NOTE: We can not sell or ship ammunition to any residents of Kalifornia, Massachusetts or Illinois, or other states or localities run by liberal idiots. Vote the rascals out, or flee to freedom in another state while you still can!

Shrink wrapped in plastic for display .00 (View Picture) 22621 BOX 50 ROUNDS .45 DUMMY M1921 - Nice clean full box, LOT FA S-13 with headstamp FA 56. These are great for display where you don't want visitors to get their hands on live ammo, or for use in training or testing or repairs.

[Note: All ammunition is offered as collector's items only.

No guarantee is made concerning its safety or fitness for use in any firearm.

We will be happy to shrink wrap boxes of ammo in plastic for display. Depending on our schedule, it may delay shipment by a few days. Price for one box is .00 (View Picture) 4053 .25-35 WINCHESTER AMMO- 3 BOXES - Nice clean boxes probably circa 1960s-1980s. Will shrink wrap in plastic if requested at no charge.

All three boxes, great for display with a vintage rifle for only .00 (View Picture) 23013 .22 Box Collection “Brick cartons”- lot of 10 different vintage empty cartons - See photo for details of the boxes included.


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