Dating a girl who cheated on her ex

I had dated before but i had honestly never dated anyone who i ever felt this en-sync with.

We talked all the time,shared everything and 4 months in i was the happiest i had ever been and introduced her to my family and i honestly believed this was it for me and i was going to marry this girl.

There are steps in this Visi How article and if she has not repeated the behavior in several months, then she is genuinely sorry and trying to prove that to you. I found them together and when I asked her what's going on she did not answer me. I found them outside the door, the reason I went to her apartment was that she was not answering her phone and was supposed to come over to my place that day. When I got back to my place she came the following morning.

We spoke about the situation and we got back together. I asked her what is going on as I had requested that she stop speaking to the guy.

However, even after the apology, you can still have difficulty trusting your girlfriend, you sincerely desire to restore happiness and health to your relationship, you need to learn strategies to unlock yourself to trust again.She let her ex into her house for days and am sure on that she cheated and ever since then I lost my trust for her...I have tried: Yes I try every day to forget it but it always comes back to my head that she might repeat something like that again or similar. Is she trying to prove that she can be trusted and have you had a conversation with her on how you are still feeling that she can't be trusted?Anything that helps you take your mind off this is good. Cry if you have to, coz you are letting go of the future you had hoped for. Dealing with a two-timing girlfriend is a very painful and emotional experience.Trust is the foundation of any relationship, and you need to have the assurance you won't be lied to and hurt by her infidelity " ever again. Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could resolve and move past this event, and welcome her back into your arms for a second chance.


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