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These accusations are so baseless and stupid we don't even try to defend ourselves, but we do challenge Shriner to prove these accusations with some solid proof and not just hear-say from more idiots on the internet.Shriner is so dangerous because she mixes truth with lies.And if her real name is Shriner, then YAHUVEH is exposing her for what she really is.Either way she is being exposed for what she truly is, a shriner of the freemason order. We don't believe this is her birth name, it is a name she gave herself, so why would she call herself the name 'Shriner', because she is one, that's why. The first thing to look at is her last name, Shriner.At first glance she looks so good, she teaches the Sacred Names of YAH and YAHUSHUA.She teaches the Biblical feast days as well as many other truths, but we need to expose her lies, her lies are dangerous and will lead you to hell if you believe her. Shriner says to throw out all the books in the bible written by Saul-Paul.

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When she attacks this Ministry and Elisabeth and myself she attacks our character, not the doctrines that are taught.

Everyone in this lineage has satan's genes and is of satan's bloodline. The Doctrine of The Serpent Seedline ("SS" Doctrine) was responsible for the Holocaust and the death of six million jews, World War II and the loss of millions of more lives.

She teaches Saul-Paul of the bible is of satans bloodline. What is really sad about this false doctrine is that some people actually believe it. The Doctrine of The Serpent Seedline was the core belief and motivation of Adolf Hitler and his Nazi "SS".

This is from the bible folks, we are not making this stuff up. Shriner also believes that Saul-Paul is of the "serpent seedline" doctrine that she teaches.

In a nutsell Shriner says that satan had sex with Eve and then Cain was born who then was the father of dark skinned races and this is how the "serpent seedline" began.


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