Consolidating educational loans with personal debt

Get started by checking your rates online in just two minutes.

No origination fees in most states, no prepayment penalties.

Then as you advance in your career, you receive raises and promotions.

In other words, you have more money to repay your loans faster. The initial payment is lower than the standard plan.

However, although this lowers the monthly payment amount, it increases total interest charges.If you have at least Federal Direct Loan, then you can use a Federal Direct Consolidation Loan to consolidate almost all of your federal loans.If you have at least one FFEL Loan, then you can use the FFEL Consolidation Loan to do the same.These types of federal student loan debt can be consolidated: Neither type of federal consolidation loan can be used for private student loans.We provide options for private debt consolidation at the end of this guide.When you apply for a consolidation loan, all of the eligible debts you want to include are rolled into a single monthly payment.


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