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You have to know where the arc is going to go so the next episode to pick up. That being said, I’m fortunate enough to have the ear of Vince and the writers, so two or three weeks after they meet I’ll pop my head in and I don’t hesitate to offer suggestions or ideas.Sometimes I’ll have a dream about an aspect of a character that I’ll remember and throw that out there, and if they like that and can incorporate that, that’s fantastic.11PM darth_alpha1: How much knowledge about chemistry do you really have? I had to go to USC to do some research and shadowed a chemistry professor there, and was able to glean as much as possible. So it’s especially hard to be able to bring comedy into that kind of environment.But it’s a constant brush up because it’s something I haven’t even thought about or studied in 35 years. PM series_fan: Does the portrayal of a terminally ill character take a physical toll on you? When you have a scene or an episode where I’m coughing a lot or where I’m in a lot of pain, you’re grimacing and touching and holding your body tight. PM MEDa Vinci: How did you prepare for your in-car scream at the end of Episode 6?But the last thing he wants to do is put his family through this hardship of taking care of a dying man, he still dies anyways and he leaves them penniless. He decides to make this bold, desperate move out of the set of circumstances he’s given.That’s the personal legacy he leaves for them and he couldn’t allow that to happen. The way I look at it, that’s the only way he could make that decision. I lost 16 pounds in ten days, once the character undergoes his chemo treatments.But they’re brilliant on their own, and they’ll create some wonderful material for us. T3: Do you worry about becoming a sex symbol or at the very least a rock star because of your role in and now I wear them for a sad commentary, I can only come to the conclusion that that’s what America wants to see.

The comedy is very different, because has much much darker comedic elements to it, so it’s different kinds of humor.Whereas before he wouldn’t have had an opinion, now he does.Now he has a taste, and he wants to explore new experiences.I think what’s happening to Walt is a transformation.Little by little he’s going through a metamorphosis.I went from 186 at the start of the series because Walt needed to be a little pudgy and soft.


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