Are amy poehler and adam scott dating

Mike Schur: There are a lot of details about the wedding.

And that episode — the cold open of that episode — is Leslie and Ben coming back from their honeymoon and just sort of talking about how much fun they had on their honeymoon.They were Chris’s dream team while working together in the Pawnee city government and a political tour de force during Leslie’s campaign for City Council.They have also always been a great example of a modern relationship, free from sexist ideals.And it just what’s really nice about it is basically in the opening moments of the episode in order to pull this thing off in sort of claustrophobic Parks and Rec fashion everyone has to sort of chip in. TV has a lot of examples of will they or won’t they couples who then took the plunge in one way or another and often that made it very challenging for the shows going forward in some way, some of the magic was lost.So, in the case of Leslie and Ben, could you all talk a little bit about what challenges are still ahead for them?At the heart was the show’s power couple, Leslie and Ben, whose love story was often the warmest and brightest thing coming from our televisions.


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