4 cam shat dating game book series

This is accomplished on a typical Chevy V-8 with 16 lobes (an intake and an exhaust)--all of them ground to an eccentric shape called a lobe to allow each lifter to raise and fall above a base circle.Just how far (mathematically) each lobe raises the lifter is called the lobe lift.

High performance valve springs, pushrods, lifters and clutch required.

RPM 1,900 - 6,000 - Wicked power band for modified engines and an excellent bolt in for stock 96, 103 & 110 engines.

This is a great all around camshaft with solid low end performance and mind blowing mid and top end power.

Large displacements respond well to increased compression ratio and smaller displacements will require it.

594 cams require high performance valve springs, pushrods, lifters, carburetor and or throttle body work, performance exhaust, intake and clutch.


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