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This may be particularly reassuring for would-be daters whose best assets may not shine through in profile photo. We’re searching for a whole person, not a bundle of desirable traits. Marriage provides important legal and financial benefits.

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Demographers project that roughly three-quarters of Millennials and Generation Xers will ultimately marry by age 40, with higher rates for college grads yet lower rates for African Americans. What we look for in a partner changes as we get older, and that’s a good thing.

Generations of women and men have suffered rejection, self-doubt, profound sadness, and a shattered sense of reality when a would-be suitor ended things abruptly or slipped silently away without a proper goodbye.

My heart ached for these women, whose feelings of worth and happiness were so tightly tied to two questions: “Why doesn’t he like me? ” Both women had successful careers, close friends, and loving families. stands a good chance of electing its first female president, and women have achieved unprecedented success in everything from business to entertainment to sports to academia, does women’s happiness still heavily depend on their relationship status? Cultural touchstones from portray the emotional travails of women who “have it all”—except a successful relationship. The desire for a kind and loving life partner tops the list of men’s dreams as well (although they may not talk about it as openly as women do).

The other woman was a vivacious full-figured 35-year-old who'd had a few heartbreaks in her past, but was optimistic about the potential dates who graced her i Phone screen.

But as their lively conversation progressed, their disappointment and even hopelessness became palpable: “Why didn’t he text back? ” “I thought we were a couple, but then my best friend told me his profile said he was single and searching.” “I can’t believe he was married.” These laments are nothing new.


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